Dine at Kerbside Eatery in Eastern Creek Quarter Shopping Centre Sydney

Kerbside Eatery is an example of the hidden gem and it is located in the centre of Western Sydney and quickly becoming increasingly popular. The inviting decor of this deli-meets-cafe type of a restaurant will lure you in with the unique merger of the creativity that some of the dishes possess and good ol’ home-cooking type of dishes. Thus, there is something for everyone at Kerbside Eatery, whether it is the sweet dessert, the gigantic appetizing meals. This little restaurant is certain to be striking, no matter whether the given locality is a guest or a resident who is in search of a new place for a meal.  

A Food Adventure of the Kerbside Eatery’s Menu 

Fresh smells of different sauces being cooked and fresh bread being baked will hit you as soon as you get into Kerbside Eatery. The options are quite appropriate with a decent number of meals that capture the best of savoury and sweet dishes. It is for this reason that it is appropriate to look at some of the outstanding products that attract patronage in equal detail. Starting with the focaccia sandwiches, each one is definitely worth a try. These sandwiches are not your ordinary sandwiches because they are made with freshly baked focaccia bread, soft inside and crunchy outside. It is evident from the following image of the subs that the fillings contained therein are also well created; the layers in the meats, cheese and vegetables are too well stacked. There is a special recommendation for a person who feels rather starved, the Kerbs burger is a perfect match for such a guest.  

Sweet Temptation – A Treat That is Irresistible 

While the primary focus at Kerbside Eatery is on flavoursome food, they are especially noteworthy for their sweet offerings. When it comes to their savoury food, you should be prepared for nothing less than extraordinary in this aspect since they are a product of innovation brought about by the people who introduced the rather delicious novelty known as the cheesecake on a stick to Sydney. Indeed, the one that stands out probably the most is the variety of cheesecakes. Each and every type has variations for the different tastes, all of which are tasty creations on their own. 

Family-Friendly Dining at Its Best

The dedication of Kerbside Eatery to being a family-friendly restaurant is one of its unique selling points. Understanding that eating out with kids can be difficult at times, the staff has gone above and beyond to make families feel at home and welcome. The layout of the restaurant can accommodate bigger family gatherings as well as more private dinners, creating a cozy and welcoming ambiance. The employees are well-known for their kind and understanding disposition; they are constantly willing to fulfill unique requests and make suggestions for finicky diners. 

The Kerbside Eatery Experience Transcends the Ordinary Meal 

At Kerbside Eatery eating is not just a need fulfilment activity but a feast to one’s eyes, ears, nose, and tongue. It is a complete pack with a friendly and sunshiny environment once you step into the door of the building. Thus, the restaurant interior design applies both warm and contemporary, which allows meeting the customer expectations. Friendly environment, as if inviting one to relax and spend some time there, is made by the soft illumination and comfortable furniture designs and decorations. It complements the dining by whether you are having a fancy dinner or just grabbing a bite in the middle of the day. The passion of the employees of Kerbside Eatery is the major plus point which you noticed at the time of observation. Be it the kitchen staff, the chefs, the servers who work directly in the dining area, all are very particular about giving the client the best of dining services.  

Place and its Accessibility- the Right Place for Good Food 

ByLocated in the Eastern Creek Quarter, it is an ideal location that is accessible to everyone, locals or visitors. Especially for the people coming in from the nearby areas, the free parking spaces available at the retail centre are plenty. For the bus users, Rooty Hill Road South, at which most of the bus services terminate, is just a few minutes’ walk away from the restaurant. For those coming from far, there is the Rooty Hill rail station just next to it, which makes it easier. From the given view it is clear that Kerbside Eatery maintains the pleasant working atmosphere despite its intense setting. The concept of busyness may not follow you inside the mall, particularly if you are in duality with what you are engaging in and focus on the consumption of food and the company of the people with you. 


Kerbside Eatery signifies what you can have in Sydney’s vibrant eating scene when passion and creativity in the kitchen are at work. Food lovers of the entire Sydney may easily get there because of its location at Eastern Creek Quarter Shopping Centre Sydney. If one wants to have a good pleasant family meal, have a quick lunch or simply indulge in a hearty dessert or desert then Kerbside Eatery offers just that and more, enough to make one come again.