Complete Guide to do Motor Vehicle Inspection Before Making a Purchase Decision

Motor Vehicle Inspection

The May month auto sales were recorded with a modest 4 percent growth due to the Lok Sabha 2024 elections. The sale recorded in May 2024 was 3,50,257, which was 3,35,436 in May 2023. However, Maruti Suzuki once again has been an Indian leading car seller, with 1,44,002 units sold in May 2024. This battle continues between Hyundai and Tata Motors to spot as the second leading brand in car sales.

If you are running from the budget or want affordability in vehicle buying, then go for second-hand cars. Yes! Although buying a used car is a good idea, you need to be careful, so go with a complete Motor Vehicle Inspection. Here is the guide that shares why such car inspection is necessary.

The Overview About Pre-Purchase Inspection:

It’s crucial to have a pre-purchase inspection when deciding to buy any used vehicle. It helps you to have all the valuable information about the vehicle’s condition, repairs, and more details needed as a buyer. PPI ensures the comprehensive evaluation qualifying on the mechanical & technical condition of the car. It will potentially make safe decisions that will ensure the vehicle is reliable and in good condition. Pre-purchase inspection gives you peace of mind making car buying easy for you, as it shares information about its problems, service status, and potential problems. 

What To Check During Motor Vehicle Inspection?

If you can’t do it by yourself, then look for a Vehicle Mechanic expert to do it on your behalf, as vehicle inspection is really important. Now, the question arises of what to check with it. Read the next section to know more about it.

  1. Vehicle Exterior: Of course, outlook is always the first impression, so look out carefully at the vehicle’s exterior. Do inspect the car within its body condition, paints, scratches, and other signs of damage. It would help if you even looked for vehicles that have rust or large paint scratches. You should also check for the car’s wheels if wear & tear.
  2. Vehicle Interior: Do inspect the car’s interior space and features like the car’s seats, dashboard, and other inside components. Any sign of damage or scratches may impact the vehicle’s performance and comfort. You must also test the electrical systems of the car, including AC, music system, displays, etc.
  3. Engine Performance: Examine the engine performance of the vehicle and share whether the car is in good condition or not. This will help in knowing the signs of pre-mature wear of the engine mechanism. Examine the engine oil, coolant, and other fluids to keep their performance up-to-date.
  4. Vehicle Transmission: If the vehicle is noisy or has an improper fluid level, then don’t invest in it. Therefore, check for the car’s transmission.
  5. Vehicle Braking System: A vehicle is purchasable once its brakes are working properly. Do have a test drive to check the car’s brakes if they need repair or replacement. Look out for the signs of brake rotor damage, as it needs to be properly maintained.
  6. Suspension: Do check the car’s suspension system, as needs to be working properly. Any sign of wear and damage is a risk with suspension, making the drive discomforting and unsafe to handle.
  7. Exhaust System: Examine the vehicle exhaust system to check for leakages that can affect its overall performance. It would be best if you also looked for signs of catalytic converter theft.
  8. Electronic Spares And System: While doing vehicle inspections, keep checking on electronic systems like batteries, displays, alternators, starters, and more. This helps in knowing vehicle good accessibility.
  9. Vehicle History: You must identify the past problems and issues of the vehicle to avoid being a risk over money and for years. Check the vehicle history report, including its salvage titles, insurance, service record, ownership history, accidental issues, etc.
  10. Other Issues: Check for the vehicle’s other problems and issues carefully. In fact, a thorough inspection will share potential signs of problems, including mileage (odometer), rusting, etc. 

The Final Verdict: If you aren’t aware of making a reliable second-hand car buying decision due to poor knowledge, then hire an expert. Call off the professional motorcycle or Car Mechanic Near Me online and get assistance to check the vehicle completely. The above guide is helpful for knowing what you must examine when purchasing a used car.