A 1- Ton AC is ideal for a Small Room

1- Ton AC

So you have a 1.5-ton Split AC from a top brand in your bedroom that gives you a good night’s sleep. However, you usually spend a lot of time in your study room, and the ceiling fan needs to give you respite. What should I do? Well! There is no reason to get worried because the solution to your problem is quite simple. Since it’s a small room of 110 square feet, you can quickly fix an excellent 1 ton AC to make your study room comfortable. It would be best to decide whether to buy a Window air conditioner or Split AC of 1-ton capacity.

Choices for Window type 1-ton AC

If you purchase a Window air conditioner for your study room, you will get plenty of choices from brands such as Voltas, Samsung, LG, Daikin, Carrier, and Panasonic. There are many advantages to purchasing a Window air conditioner. The most important is the ease of installation because all parts are included in a single unit, unlike a Split model. You only need a window to fix it. It’s so easy to install that you don’t even need the services of a trained technician. Just place it in the window, cover empty spaces, and connect it to the power source.

It’s also comparatively easy to maintain a Window air conditioner. More importantly, a Window AC is very affordable, and you can easily buy a 1 ton AC for Rs 25,000 from a well-known brand like Hitachi, Daikin, or LG. There are also some excellent offers on ecommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart, where you can buy a branded model at a discount. Some manufacturers also provide free voltage stabilizers along with the air conditioner.

Choices for Split AC 1 Ton

However, if you prefer a Split type of air conditioner for your small room, there are many options for such models. However, the initial cost of such air conditioners is approx. Rs 5000 more; they prove a better choice in the long run. The energy efficiency of any air conditioner is essential because it gives you an idea about its electricity consumption. Every model has a power rating from one star to five stars. A 5-star model is considered the most power efficient.

The best part is that there are more Split ACs with a 5-star power rating than Window ACs. Therefore, consider buying a 5-star Split AC 1 ton for your study room, which will make it comfortable and help you reduce your electricity bill by 25-30%. You also have the option to purchase a Split AC 1 with inverter technology. It’s the latest model in the market that allows enormous savings on energy consumption.

Window or Split AC 1 ton?

You can decide whether you want a more conventional Window air conditioner or the modern Split air conditioner for your small room. Both air conditioners have pros and cons, and you need to decide accordingly. There are certain things you need to consider. For instance, finding a mechanic to repair a Window model is much easier. On the other hand, you will need a specialist to repair a Split AC. If you are staying in a small town, finding a mechanic for a Split air conditioner will be challenging.

However, there won’t be such a problem if you live in a metro city like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, or Hyderabad because you can easily avail of service from the company’s authorized service center. Private companies like Urban Clap also provide servicing of all air conditioners at very reasonable charges.