Bryan Cunningham

Bryan's passion for coffee runs deep, and he loves sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. Follow along with Bryan as he continues to dive deeper into the world of coffee.

Facilities Management

The Evolution of Facilities Management

The field of facilities management is like an unsung hero of the corporate world—critical yet often overlooked, invisible yet omnipresent, subtle yet immensely impactful. Traditionally, it’s been about maintaining operational efficiency, ensuring safety, and controlling costs. But as the modern workplace undergoes seismic changes propelled by technological advancements and cultural shifts, the role of facilities…

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Eye Health with Diabetes

How to Promote Eye Health with Diabetes

Diabetes is not just a condition that affects your blood sugar; it can also be an adversary to your eyesight. The connection between diabetes and eye health is profound and often underappreciated. Thankfully, there are proactive methods that diabetics can adopt to protect and promote long-term eye health. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore…

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